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A study ran by Cambridge in 2016* revealed that in every industry, there is a minimum 40% gap between the English skills required and the English skills that employees have. Moreover, over 60% of employees in Spain are required to write emails, deliver presentations, participate in meetings, and read reports in advanced English. There is almost a 20% higher chance of a higher salary in international positions. Over 50% of job interviews in Spain are done in English and 20% have a written English test.*

With Neurolanguage coaching, you can directly develop the missing language skills that are relevant to your profession. Save precious time by doing activities that have an immediate impact on your current performance at work and access superior job opportunities with exceptional benefits. 


Neurolanguage coaching

How is neuroscience incorporated into the sessions?

You might ask ‘Why incorporate neuroscience?’ Well, by learning about how our brains work, we can apply techniques that can optimize independent and in-class learning. For example, a KEY factor in encouraging long-term information retention is using English that you would ACTUALLY say and when practicing a new grammar point, to create examples that are PERSONAL and applicable to your day-to-day life. Why? Because our brains only want to store information they think we’ll use in the future.

For example, you are a mechanical engineer and you are looking for a new job in the newspaper, and you see two salaries. One says $45,000 annual salary for a Secondary school teacher and the other salary was $88,000 for a mechanical engineer. It’s much more likely that you’ll remember the second salary rather than the first.

Now that you know this, you might try and use this technique when you study which may make learning English just a little bit easier!Not only will I share little tips like this with you throughout the sessions, but the structure of the sessions is designed to optimize the use of two main parts of the brain: the prefrontal cortex (the analytical part of the brain) and the cerebellum (the performing part of the brain). We use the analytical part to deal with grammar and the performing part to focus on fluency and speaking WITHOUT overthinking and overanalyzing.

How are coaching techniques incorporated into the sessions?

I adapt to you 100% and I’ll guide you to come to your conclusions about your own goals, needs and learning style through powerful questions that will help you to reflect on how your own unique brain works and learns. I’ll be attentive to how you react to activities and absorb information. I’ll encourage you in every session and make sure that you don’t give up and lose sight of your objectives.

I firmly believe that coaching helps you to discover what YOU need and that it will not only help you to learn faster ,but it will also help you to be a better learner in general. You’ll have a clearer vision of what you want to do and how you want to do it.

How is language learning incorporated into the sessions?

After our level analysis in the first free session, we’ll decide together the two pools of areas that you would like to work on. One would focus on grammar and the other would focus on functional language.

We’ll periodically review these areas until you feel that you have mastered that area.

YOU (Yes, you!)  will also decide what kinds of activities you want to do i.e videos, music, dialogues, roleplays, reading etc. Once that's done, I’d go prepare all of the personalised activities for you.

Personalised price packages are available too. Please schedule a consultation or send me an email for more details.

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