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to gain access to the 50%better jobs, higher salaries and faster promotions.

A study by Cambridge* revealed that approximately half of all employers offer a better starting package to applicants with good English language skills. Advanced English skills can also lead to faster progression through job grades (50% of employers) and higher salary increases (46% of employers).

I’m Vivien Leung, a CELTA certified, experienced native teacher from the UK and a Neurolanguage coach based in Spain with a unique approach for Spanish speakers to achieve advanced KEY English skills required to benefit your career immediately.

Do you want to access all the benefits of mastering English in your field of work?

Do you want to stand out at work and advance in your career faster?

Do you want to showcase your knowledge in English with confidence? 

My name is

Vivien Leung

My MISSION is to coach native Spanish and Chinese speakers to reach their DREAM language proficiency so they achieve all their professional & personal goals.

Vivien Leung

Certified NLC coach from the UK

Do you use English to communicate at work?

Neurolanguage coaching® ensures long-term information retention and excellent practice in becoming a skilled communicator in English.

Confidence and faster progress

Develop a trusted relationship with the coach to build up your confidence in speaking in meetings and presentations.

Target common mistakes and problems for Spanish speakers with personalised workshops.

Goodbye, old-fashioned classes!

In NLC, we DON’T follow a book. It is 100% adapted to YOUR needs and preferred learning style. No more 'fill-in-the-gap' exercises. You'll never end up doing an activity that you don't like.

We focus on PRACTICAL English for your situation at work with immediate benefits.

Powerful mindsets

Do you feel anxious when communicating in English?

By practicing mindfulness, you can break through barriers from negative learning experiences in the past, use the power of the right mindset at work, and control your emotions and thoughts so you can openly express yourself in English.

Nail that interview

Is English holding you back from getting your dream job?

Over 50% of interviews in Spain are done in English. Learn the best English phrases for job interviews and decide exactly what you want to work on and gain skills that empower you to take the next step in your career.

Be the BEST you!

Over 50% of employers believe that spoken English is the most important skill in the workplace.

Improve your professional English and achieve all your personal goals through the mix of neuroscience, coaching and language learning to optimize your work and yourself.

Choose the way you want to study:

One on one, starting at 35 euro/hour

Top 3 benefits of one on one sessions:

  • Perfect job interview and work presentation skills through frequent review and practice. 
  • Progress faster with a personalized plan that focuses on English that will impact your professional life immediately. 
  • Communicate clearer and more effectively with intensive pronunciation workshops with a native speaker.

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Group sessions, starting at 28 euro/hour

Top 3 benefits of group sessions: 

  • Practice speaking English with other professionals and be a part of a growing community of excellent communicators in Spain. 
  • Overcome your fears by practice speaking in front of others in a positive environment. 
  • Group pronunciation workshops with a native speaker that target sounds Spanish speakers find difficult.

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